It all started with our fascination for really good chocolate. Chocolate that tastes good, that is more than “fair trade” and which we can be traced back to its origin. In 2018, we founded Theyo and have been on the quest for the best cocoa beans, chocolates, and stories for you ever since.

Our mission is all about increasing transparency in the chocolate industry. Where does chocolate come from and who makes it? Our focus is on social-ecological fairness, quality, craftsmanship – and of course the unique flavors that develop in the mouth. To achieve this, we have gone back to the roots – or more precisely, back to the beans – to the origin of chocolate, to the cocoa bean.

Back to the Beans

Our focus lies on the origin: the cocoa bean, either in the form of our Cool Beans or processed into really good chocolate. Cocoa beans sometimes taste mild, sometimes strong, then spicy and earthy, have notes of herbs, dark berries, cinnamon, or whisky.

Since fall 2019, we can officially call ourselves ‘Certified Chocolate Tasters’! Our goal is to pass on this knowledge to you in our tasting workshops – in person and virtually – as well as our chocolate blog. Join us in discovering how fascinating cocoa can be!

From Peru to the Dominican Republic to the Ivory Coast … in our curated online shop we bring together the widest possible range of countries of origin. Our own products and those of our partners are socially and ecologically fair, sustainably produced, and have a positive effect on the local people.


Transparency with our ‘Theyo Codex’

We do not rely on common seals and third-party certifications. We firmly believe that socially and ecologically sustainable and fair products are only possible through transparency at all levels: clear common principles, binding agreements, long-term partnerships, and personal communication. Our Code of Conduct, which sets out social and environmental standards based on the UN SDGs, forms the basis of our work.

Passion for good chocolate

We are driven by a deep admiration for the cocoa plant and the complexity of handmade chocolate. Out of this admiration, it is natural for us to treat our partners fairly and also to show passion and care towards the products we offer.

Because we are so fascinated by everything from healthy permaculture cocoa plantations to delicately melting chocolate, we have officially become certified Chocolate Tasters. And of course, we are keen to share our valuable knowledge, for example in our blog and our regular tasting workshops – which are now also available as virtual chocolate tastings. Spread the word!

Curated chocolate

Paying due respect to producers and products … and showing our customers special, high-quality, and fair chocolate products that cannot be found on the conventional market: that is our mission. How do we do this? We curate. We select products according to our ‘Theyo Codex’, pay attention to social-ecological fairness, high quality, and craftsmanship. Real chocolate, delicious cocoa beans, and conscious enjoyment. Welcome to Theyo!